Thinking Functionally in CoffeeScript

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Thinking Functionally in CoffeeScript

The books in Thinking Functionally take a practical and pragmatic approach to incorporating functional programming into software.

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Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer
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Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer

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This book serves three overlapping audiences:

  • People who'd like to learn functional programming because they want to be ready if such languages become part of the mainstream.
  • People who'll be working in an object-oriented language but want to use some functional programming idioms and tricks of the trade in their projects.
  • People with less specific goals, but who believe that learning languages that conceptualize problems and solutions in radically different ways will make them better programmers in general.

The book uses Clojure, a popular functional language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It contains many exercises and their solutions.

For more about what the book covers, see the sample PDF. It includes the Introduction, the first chapter, and the glossary.

The book is "feature complete", but there will be bug fixes and improvements to the explanations over the next few months.


"This book, written by Brian Marick, is important. Indeed, it may be necessary. We need something to bridge the gap between the huge population of OO programmers, and the growing need for functional programmers. I’ve seen nothing else that fills this need so well."

— From a review by Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

"@marick is blowing my mind with #fp_oo, building OO on top of FP."

Larry Staton Jr.

"I have an understanding of monads for the first time thanks to @marick and his awesome book"

Dave Kincaid

"'Functional Programming for the OO Programmer' by @marick features the best introduction to Clojure I've read so far."

Sebastian Benz

"Bought #fp_oo by @marick today. Chapter 1 is the best #clojure intro I have read"

Adrian Mowat

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CoffeeScript Ristretto
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CoffeeScript Ristretto

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"I particularly enjoyed this small book because I've reached for it a hundred times before and come up empty-handed. Large and heavy manuals on object-oriented programming and JavaScript are all around us, but to find a book that tackles the fundamental features of functions and objects in a brief, strong gulp, is rare indeed."—Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of the CoffeeScript Language
"Loving CoffeeScript Ristretto!"—Larry Marburger
"I was also seriously caught up by [the] digression into espresso, ristretto, etc.Worth the purchase just for the intro."—Chris Smith
"Best explanation of closures i've seen yet."—Jerry Anning

CoffeeScript Ristretto is a book about programming with functions that uses the CoffeeScript programming language for the examples and exercises. CoffeeScript Ristretto is for:

  • Programmers learning CoffeeScript who want a thorough grounding in its fundamentals rather than a cursory treatment of its syntax.
  • Programmers already using CoffeeScript who want to go back and take a deep dive into programming with functions and combinators.
  • Any programmer curious about programming with functions.

CoffeeScript Ristretto's primary focus is functions as first-class values and advanced topics built on those fundamentals such as callbacks, combinators, method decorators, fluent APIs, and continuation-passing style. Download two free sample chapters and see for yourself!

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