Full-Stack JavaScript Mastery


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Full-Stack JavaScript Mastery

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About the Books

Hands-on Node.js

In this e-book we will analyze what makes Node a different proposal from all that is out there, why you should use it, and how to get started. It starts with an overview but quickly dives into the code, module by module. By the end of this book you should be able to build your own Node service producers and consumers, and also feel comfortable around the Node API and conventions.

By the end of it you should be able to build your own Node modules, as well as test and debug them.

Rapid Prototyping with JS

Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development is a hands-on book which introduces you to agile JavaScript web and mobile software development using the latest cutting-edge front-end and back-end technologies including:

Practical examples include building multiple versions of the Chat app:

  • jQuery + Parse.com JS REST API
  • Backbone and Parse.com JS SDK
  • Backbone and Node.js
  • Backbone and Node.js + MongoDB

The Chat application has all the foundation of a typical web/mobile application: fetching data, displaying it, submitting new data. Other examples include:

  • jQuery + Twitter RESP API “Tweet Analyzer”
  • Parse.com “Save John”
  • Node.js “Hello World”
  • MongoDB “Print Collections”
  • Derby + Express “Hello World”
  • Backbone.js “Hello World”
  • Backbone.js “Apple Database”
  • Monk + Expres.js “REST API Server”

This book will save you many hours by providing the hand-picked and tested colletion of quick start guides. RPJS has practical examples that allow to spend less time learning and more time building your own applications. Prototype fast and ship code that matters!

Buy Rapid Prototyping with JS on Leanpub for $14.87 or read this and four other JavaScript and Node.js books for $4.87/mo on AnyWhereLib.com.

More info: rpjs.co

This book is also available in print as paperback copy.

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Code examples: github.com/azat-co/rpjs

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