How To Prepare For The Age Of AI In Medicine?
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How To Prepare For The Age Of AI In Medicine?

The Technological Future of Medical Specialties
A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

About the Bundle

These two e-books, A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and The Technological Future of Medical Specialties aim to serve as guides on how to successfully cooperate with technologies and to make much of the tech-driven disruption we experience today and will likely encounter in the coming years understandable and manageable. Let’s prepare for a next decade of opportunity in medicine!

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About the Books

The Technological Future of Medical Specialties

The Technological Future of Medical Specialties

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    Every medical specialty will transform differently due to the technological revolution. On certain fields, such as nursing, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, innovation will have much less impact than on dentistry, cardiology or pathology. In this e-book we specify in detail how the appearance of artificial intelligence, sensors, wearables, VR/AR or robots affect each medical specialty in order to be able to discern what skills physicians will need in the future.

    We aim to show how physicians of the various professions can successfully prepare for the sweeping changes coming with the waves of technology. We want to go against the fears that artificial intelligence, robots or any other innovative solutions will take over doctors’ jobs. While digital technologies certainly have the capacity to take over administrative tasks, organizational processes or even simpler diagnostic steps, the expertise of medical professionals is irreplaceable. Especially if they recognize that their jobs can be much more efficient, creative or even fun if they embrace digital technologies. At the moment, as these innovations are still in the early days of their usage, that doesn’t always seem so.

    However, we are certain that technologies will unburden doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the long run, especially if they learn in time how to cooperate with technologies successfully. Here’s our guide on how to do that.

    A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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      It’s high time to talk about what artificial intelligence brings to medicine. What do machine learning, deep learning, or convolutional networks mean? What are the most affected medical fields? What are the greatest challenges for applying smart algorithms to healthcare settings? What could the future bring? What are the top use cases for artificial intelligence in healthcare during the next decade? How can we benefit from the exchange of knowledge between humans and machines? What social and ethical implications do we need to address?

      Check the UPDATED version of A Guide To Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare. Read The Medical Futurist’s guide to understanding, anticipating and controlling artificial intelligence.


      Get a clear overview of the key concepts.


      Learn how to identify the opportunities and potential use cases of A.I. in healthcare and medicine.


      Recognize and act upon the risks and implications of artificial intelligence.

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