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Ember.js Bundle

Front-end revolution with Ember.js
Ember Data in the Wild
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About the Bundle

More and more people are getting frustrated with today's JavaScript ecosystem and discovering that Ember.js can lead them out of their misery. So, are you looking for the most efficient way to learn how to build Ember applications and leverage its power with Ember Data to connect them to any custom API? We suggest you look no further.This bundle includes two well-accepted books: Front-end revolution with Ember.js and Ember Data in the Wild. Together they form an invaluable learning resource for:

  • Grasping basic principles used in any Ember application,
  • Making a real-life application with authentication and everything needed for a MVP,
  • Architectural overview of how Ember Data connects the application’s store with your API,
  • Customizing Ember Data’s adapters and serializers to fit virtually any server,
  • Best practices and insights on future developments and helpful production tips.

So here you go. Two great books with a beautiful discount.

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About the Books

Front-end revolution with Ember.js

Front-end revolution with Ember.js

The quickest up-to-date book to properly learn Ember.js
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With Ember.js we've reached a plateau and finally found the right way to do web applications.  

In a short time, you'll learn how to build an ambitious web application from the ground up:

  • Signing up and logging in (with Ember Simple Auth - token authentication),
  • Connecting to the back-end (cloud API provided, as well as fully configured Rails API code - JSON API spec),
  • Querying, Saving and editing resources,  
  • Interactive inputs, components, charts,
  • Animations,
  • Deploying (here's a finished app we are building - https://red-green.pagefrontapp.com),
  • Useful production tips and insights on Ember's future developments.

Ember.js is not just a framework, it's a business decision.

Tired of insane JavaScript madness and dealing with build tools and configurations that don't really matter in the whole scheme of things? Full days are lost on this. With the help of this book you can speed up development process and focus on what you want to do: building a usable product.

Ember continues to be an antidote to the insane front-end ecosystem.

Let this book convince you it's worth building your next rich web application with Ember.js. All code (front-end, back-end in Rails) included. Make yourself a favour and get 145 pages of well-structured Ember goodies now!

Blaž Peruš
'Toye Akande
Kyle Kashuba

3 reader testimonials

Ember Data in the Wild

Ember Data in the Wild

Getting Ember Data to Work With Your API
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Lots of books and tutorials start off teaching Ember with Ember Data. This is great, especially if you are in control of your API, but what if you aren't? You do a little research and start seeing terminology like adapters, serializers, transforms, and snapshots and quickly become overwhelmed. Maybe you've thought to yourself that Ember isn't for you. This was me when I first started with Ember. I wasn't in control of the APIs for my project. Well, if this sounds familiar, then this book is for you. My goal with this book is to teach you how to adapt Ember Data to fit your custom API. This books targets both Ember Data 2 and 3.

About the Authors

Matic Jurglič
Matic Jurglič

Matic Jurglic is a computer person who specializes in implementing avant-garde internet applications. Head of development at RankTrackr.com. Interested in full-stack development, people and fine arts. Read more on codeandtechno.com.

David Tang
David Tang

David is a UI Architect at Verizon Digital Media Services. He is passionate about testing and EmberJS. He is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Southern California (USC) where he enjoys teaching web development to students from all backgrounds. You can read more from him at his blog https://davidtang.io.

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