Coaching & Books Bundle: 3 x Book + 3 x Workbook + 1 x Coaching Session
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Coaching & Books Bundle: 3 x Book + 3 x Workbook + 1 x Coaching Session

About the Bundle

Read the books. Work the workbooks. And get coached in the Brave life.

This is as good as it gets! All three e-books published by are here. They all come with workbooks, so you can put the theory into practice straight away. And the best part? You get a 30-minute coaching session based on the topics in one of the books.

"Brave Language Learning" is possibly the last book you'll ever need to finally learn that foreign language - with money to spare, time to kill and much less hassle. The new edition still comes with plenty of free secret resources - and now also features a workbook which makes each chapter more relevant to your languages and learning preferences. Being a polyglot just got easier.

"Expat Flow" is a simple book based on just one aim: to get you to enjoy your life and work, anywhere you choose. From battling the culture shock to scaling the language barrier, from preparing a worthy checklist to negotiating your triumphant departures (and returns), this short guide will get you packing in no time. The workbook pages help you tailor each lesson to suit the pace and lifestyle you need.

"Greensplaining" is the missing manual to living a greener life. Its six simple steps are annotated, researched and broken down into actions which you can pick and choose from. This is made even simpler by the workbook exercises which allow you to decide how you want your planet-saving mission to unfold. You don't need to be a full-on hippie, a Tesla CEO or a Captain Planet to do your bit. "Greensplaining" is the short book to help you work out your green way.

To claim your coaching session, just email wiktor (boop) bravelearning (dot) com - include "Coaching session" in your subject line.

As with individual books, 25% of all profits from these books will go to The Bicycle Relief (my favourite charity) each year.

Happy reading,


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About the Books

BRAVE Language Learning

Why and How Becoming Multilingual Must Happen Your Way
  • 68


  • PDF

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  • WEB

Who is this book for?

It is for you, if you want to think a bit more creatively about learning a foreign language. It is for people who fall in love with all the language all the time - and whose motivation for becoming multilingual is the sheer pleasure of having a whole new world in their heads, ears, lungs, and on their tongue. It is for you, it you're keen to learn a language your way. The book was written by a person who learned, taught, published and managed language education for over 20 years - you don't even need 10% of this time to develop your taste for languages, your budget and your way of learning. If you're determined to have a great time using your new language - then this book will help you do that. Finally - this book is for you if you're a bit let down by what foreign language learning has to offer. 

How does this book work?

The first part of the book deals with the "why" - it's a pep-talk, a bird's eye view on language learning and teaching.

The second part is the "how" - these are shorter, practical reviews of several popular and effective methods of achieving multilingual life.

The third part is the workbook - that's how you can make sure that each lesson works for your situation and your chosen languages.

The bonus chapters are available online from a password-protected page. Head on to the end of the book for instructions on how to access those!

Expat Flow

Six Steps To Life, Work, Joy - Anywhere
  • 41


  • PDF

  • EPUB

  • MOBI

  • WEB

Why would you wait until you're retired?

"Expat Flow" is a book which shows you six steps you can take today to prepare to live, work, and explore anywhere.

  • From coping with your fears to successfully negotiating your triumphant come-back...

  • From dealing with culture shock to scaling the language barrier...

  • From preparing a foolproof career to assembling a NASA-worthy expat checklist...

...this is a little book that helps you plan your expat life.

Each chapter features a workbook which helps you make practical choices based on your situation - and lets you apply the general ideas to your specific context.

Every year, 25% of the book's profits will go to The Bicycle Relief.


Six Steps to Living Greener
  • 33


  • PDF

  • EPUB

  • MOBI

  • WEB

Living green used to be the thing that hippies and tree-huggers did. Then, all of a sudden, it moved all the way to what Tesla drivers and super-rich people did.

This little e-book helps you travel your own middle ground by suggesting six simple steps. You don't have to go all the way, and you are free to find your own way around them. Living greener should be a choice that you will make comfortably.

Each of the steps is explained and broken down into clear, manageable fragments that can make sense anywhere you live. The workbook pages help you make the learning personal and let you work out how to apply the green ideas around your home, work, and life.

25% of all profits from this book will go to benefit The Bicycle Relief each year.

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