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AWS PowerShell
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AWS PowerShell

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Last updated on 2018-06-28

About the Book

On LeanPub, you are getting the "Forever Edition" of this book. As I write it, if you find anything you don't like or if you find yourself wanting to know more than what I'm laying out there, let me know! Tweet at me, email me, start yelling somewhere around downtown Kansas City... I'll respond! The better we can make this book together, the better I can help you learn everything you need to know about AWS PowerShell.

I wanted to take a moment to touch on the publication process with LeanPub because it allows me to keep the book agile and fresh, and it helps me put the book in your hands much sooner than if I had to draft it all from scratch, go through a traditional publisher, and then finally deliver it to you. Also, if I did that, how would I know that what I'm delivering is even relevant to you?

Technology is always changing. We're talking about the really revolutionary technology in this book like AWS, PowerShell, and we'll even discuss some of the helper functions and services to build a functional AWS environment. ALL of it is changing, and ALL of it is updated daily. By purchasing this book, you'll have access (forever) to my endless updates to the AWS and PowerShell toolsets we'll use throughout.

About the Author

Bryce McDonald
Bryce McDonald

I've always had a skillset described as "unique". I wasn't quite a system administrator, because I knew too much code. I also wasn't a developer, because I didn't know any "real coding languages" (according to the developers). I've always been stuck in the middle, without a home. That is, until now.

The DevOps world is a natural fit for me, and now that AWS has a plethora of services that require this kind of "in the middle" administration that I've built my career on top of. Combining PowerShell with AWS administration has been a passion of mine, as the world leaves the era of "left click engineers" and requires administrators to start treating infrastructure as code.

You may also be interested in my credentials. At this point I've racked up a bakers dozen years of experience in the IT field, ranging from end user support at a University, to Information Security at a Washington D.C. startup, to DevOps engineering for major software developers, and independent consulting and techincal writing the whole time in between. I've carried certifications, I've let them expire, and I keep moving on. By the time you read this, I'll likely have a whole new set of credentials. This is the life of the "in the middle" engineer.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Getting the DevOps Mentality
    • Don’t be a “Left Click Engineer”
    • What Makes a Good Automator?
    • Why PowerShell over the AWS CLI?
    • AWS and You: The Shared Responsibility Model
    • Code Samples
  • Chapter 1: Getting Set Up with AWS and PowerShell
    • Creating your AWS Account
    • Create an IAM User and Generate Access Keys
    • Installing AWS PowerShell for Windows
    • Installing AWS PowerShell for Linux/MacOS
    • Importing the Module
    • Configuring AWS PowerShell
    • AWS Account Best Practices
    • Summary
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started using PowerShell on AWS
    • Cmdlet Discovery
    • Environment Variables
    • Pipelining Commands
  • Chapter 3: Authentication
    • Credential Management
    • Configuring Federated Identity Providers
  • Chapter 4: The big 3, IAM, EC2, S3
    • Managing IAM with PowerShell
    • Managing EC2 with PowerShell
    • Managing S3 with PowerShell
  • Chapter 5: Integrating more AWS Services
    • Compute Resources
    • Storage Resources
    • DataBase Resources
    • Migration Resources
    • Management Tools
    • Machine Learning
    • Application Integration
    • Analytics
  • Chapter 6: AWS Best Practices
    • Access Management
    • Reliability
    • Performance
    • Cost
    • Account Hygiene
    • Taking Action to Remediate
    • Amazon Well-Architected Reviews
  • Chapter 7: Security in AWS
    • Built-in Mitigations for Common Attacks
    • Compliance Program
  • Chapter 8: Automated Testing for your AWS Environment
    • Unit Tests
    • Integration Tests
    • Infrastructure Tests

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