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Arduino: Hardware For JavaScripters

Arduino: Hardware For JavaScripters

A Beginners Guide To Go From JavaScripter To Hardware Hacker

Arduino: Hardware For JavaScripters Edit


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About the Book

Atwood’s Law says that, "Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript." - Jeff Atwood, July 17, 2007. And you, dear web developer and JavaScript afficionado, are about to prove this law. Your skills, your experience, your love of NodeJS and desire to build robots, control drones, and take over the world with JavaScript, are about the come together in the most epic manner, possible:

You will build your own electronics circuits and control Arduino hardware with JavaScript!

Circuits? Hardware? Do I Need An EE Degree?

While it's true that most Arduino work is done with C, you won't need an electrical engineering degree or an expert level of experience with C. All you need is some programming experience and a competency with JavaScript, to start with. You'll need to know some basic math, as well - like multiplication and division - but nothing beyond simple algrebra. And let's face it, years of writing software has taught you more algebra and understanding of math and variables than you ever thought you were going to need.

From JavaScripter To Hardware Hacker

This book will take you from JavaScript hipster to hardware hacker, in a step by step guide. You'll learn how to build circuits, run hardware with JavaScript and connect your computing skills to the physical world around you. Once you've mastered the basics and built a few amazing projects, though, you'll dive in to deep end. You'll be introduced to the world of C and C++ in a gentle and easy manner. You'll see how your JavaScript skills are still valid, and how familiar the curly braces and semi-colons of C and C++ can be.

Currently Planned Chapters And Projects

I'm planning a number of fun projects for this book, and plenty of information for you to get from zero to hero in record time. You'll learn the basics of hardware circuitry, while building ridiculous and awesome projects, such as:

  • Blinky LEDs
  • Buttons And Logic
  • LCD displays
  • Servo-motors and robots!
  • BBQDuino! (the Arduino powered, Wifi enabled BBQ thermometer)
  • Slide-chop (the Slap-Chop inspired slide deck controller)
  • Boe-Bot (Arduino powered robot vehicle)

And possibly more than just this, too! The content isn't set in stone, yet. This is just a rough plan of the things I want to cover. Many of these will be built with both JavaScript and C/C++, when possible, as well - and yes, you will build a JavaScript powered robot... or two... or more. :)

Interested In This Book?

If you're interested, let me know by filling out the form above! The more interest I see, the more motivated I'll be to get this book off the ground and get it published!

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