Aspect-Oriented… by Edmund P. Zynda III [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP
Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP
Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP

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Completed on 2016-02-28

About the Book

Have you ever created large application and one day your boss decides it needs to implement caching? Normally this would require you to dig through your entire code base and add lots of new code. What if I told you, you could accomplish the same thing, with only a few lines of code? That's the power of Aspect Oriented Programming.

Aspect Oriented Programming or AOP is an uconventional way of thinking about your code. It's somewhat confusing at first and some would even call it magic. In this book, I'll break down the basics of AOP and how you can start reaping the benefits in your PHP code today!

About the Author

Edmund P. Zynda III
Edmund P. Zynda III

Ed Zynda is an eight year Air Force veteran with a passion for what makes the Internet tick. He's been dabbling in computer wizardry since childhood and has been building things on the web since high school.

In his spare time he likes to cook. He often tries to recreate things he sees on the Food Network, making sure to spam his friends with pictures of his creations on Instagram.

Ed is also travel junkie. So far he's visited about 15 different countries and is already planning his next trip.

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