AngularJS Cookbook by Sascha Brink [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
AngularJS Cookbook
AngularJS Cookbook


This book is no longer available for sale.

AngularJS Cookbook

This book is 100% complete

Completed on 2014-10-29

About the Book

Current state:

  • 67 recipes done. 
  • Download the sample to see if you like the brief style.
  • See the Table of contents for the complete recipe list
  • Now working with an editor to correct errors.
  • I focus on continuous improvement and update often.

The book contains 70 proven recipes to speed up your development with AngularJS.

This book is for you, if...

  • You want to learn new tricks. You may have realized that documentation doesn’t contain all necessary info or you may know one function description but don’t know yet how to use them.
  • You've may have already done this before but there are always those pesky tricky parts of a code that consumes a lot of your time. You want to avoid wasting your time with those again, which is what you’re wanting this book to do for you.
  • You want to learn more about Angular. Some recipes are short and only a rewrite of the documentation with the ‘why’. You could use / learn it from the documentation. But this is not only ‘how’, but ‘where’ and ‘why’. These are usually things which we were asked over and over again.
  • You are looking for solutions you can trust. All code examples are as brief / minimalistic as they could be. Usually, it sells to have a nice interface. But if you’re looking for a solution, you would want to first figure out what solves your problem and differentiate that from what is just there for stylistic purposes. 

Angular JS Cookbook will give you solutions that save you time and effort, it will give you some new recipes that you would find very useful and give you a deeper insight into the framework.

About the Author

Sascha Brink
Sascha Brink

Sascha Brink is a web technology consultant and freelance writer. He develops web applications since 15 years.

His current interests are Angular, Phoenix/Elixir and Docker/Kubernetes.

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