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Last updated on 2018-09-12

About the Book

If you are wondering why Scala or why Akka HTTP... Well, there is a rising need for concurrent and distributed applications, which is why frameworks like Akka and languages like Scala are gaining momentum right now, and they fulfill those needs with little extra effort.

In this book we will build a RESTful API for a simple bookstore and learn in the way:

  • How to set up database migrations using Flyway.
  • Build our own directives and using them in the routing DSL.
  • Authenticate users using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
  • Test our services using ScalaTest.
  • Build a UI for searching books with Scalatags.
  • Connecting to a currency API to allow the user to switch currencies when the books are displayed.
  • All by using a Test-driven development (TDD) approach.

Sounds like a lot, right? Not really, we take an incremental approach, meaning that each chapter deals with different topics that we then build on in the next chapters to finally reach our goal, which is for you to be proficient in Akka HTTP.

See you inside. Cheers!

About the Author


Reading through a lot of theory and ending up with a hello world application is really annoying. We believe you should start with some foundations, but while getting your hands dirty, as this will help you understand the theory as you go.

You drive our priorities when deciding what content to release first, and what we should focus on. We will stick within a range of technologies, but the subtopics are for you to decide!

Join Codemunity and get started!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What Should I Know?
    • What Are We Going to Build?
    • What Are We Going to Use?
  • Project Setup
    • Creating Our Bookstore Project
    • Adding Our Project Dependencies
    • Setting Up Postgres for Development
  • Categories Endpoint
    • Project Configuration
    • Setting Up Flyway for Database Migrations
    • Database Access & Slick Setup
    • Adding Our First Route
    • Conclusion
  • Books Endpoint
    • Creating Our Book Migration & Model
    • Implementing Our Book Repository
    • Adding Book Searches to Our Endpoint
    • Improving and Understanding our Book Search
    • Working with Our Books Controller
    • Implementing the Web Server
    • Wrapping Up!
  • Users Endpoint
    • User Migration and Model
    • User Repository
    • Password Hashing
    • User Endpoint
    • Next Steps
  • User Authentication
    • Auth Repository
    • Token Service
    • Auth Controller
    • Auth Directives
    • Exposing the Missing Controllers
    • Conclusion
  • Book Search UI
    • Adding a Price Attribute
    • Hello, World!
    • Filter Form UI
    • Fetching and Applying Currency Rates
    • Error Handling & Improvements
    • Recap
  • Purchasing Books
  • Conclusion
    • Additional Resources
    • See you around!

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