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Prompt Genius: Generate Python Web Applications using AI

Do you want to use AI to code 10x faster or use generative AI in your app? This CE shows you how.

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Last updated on 2023-06-12

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It is a good practice to specify the output format for generative AI prompts used in applications. In our testing, XML has been found to be reliable.

Darren Broemmer
Darren Broemmer

What is it all about?

Do you want to use AI to code 10x faster? Curious about how to use generative AI in your app? This book is your step-by-step guide. A collection of expertly crafted prompt templates aids in design and coding using ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing. They empower you to create applications, using AI to do the heavy lifting using Python and Django.

What you'll learn

The first six chapters are included in the community edition which covers prompt templates to use AI to generate a web app project structure, design and code model classes, and implement basic use cases. It also includes a chapter on how to use generative AI capabilities within your Python application.