The Abundance Manifesto
The Abundance Manifesto
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The Abundance Manifesto

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About the Book

How to Manifest The Age of Abundance

The Abundance Manifesto outlines an economic system that will bring about The Age of Abundance. After years of study and struggle, you deserve to know and understand what‘s really going on with the economy. You’ve worked hard. You have a right to the truth. The Abundance Manifesto details the shocking truth about what is really going on. It captures the simple essences rather than droning on through hundreds of pages of mumbo-jumbo.

With today's level of automation, we should all be able to do what we love, have plenty of free time, and have prosperity way beyond anything experienced in history. What is going on?

The Abundance Manifesto answers the following questions:

  • What does it really mean when times are bad? What is the real cause?
  • What's the honest truth behind the dot com boom and bust?

  • What are the basic types of economic activity? How does each of these types affect the economy?

  • What does playing the system mean? What would happen if everyone played the system?

  • What is the real definition of recession? What really causes a recession? All mumbo-jumbo aside, what can be done about a recession?

  • What causes an economic boom?

  • What would bring about The Age of Abundance?

  • What are the various ways that money is created?

  • How does money flow? From where to where? How would it flow in The Age of Abundance?

  • What is the basic system for creating The Age of Abundance? Once you read this small book, you will never again be fooled by economic mumbo jumbo.

About the Author

Jim Kitzmiller
Jim Kitzmiller

Jim Kitzmiller empowers joy, creativity, and productivity both in corporate settings and private retreats.

He is a mystic, a systems architect, a software developer, and an author.

With decades of experience in the computer industry, Jim has repeatedly found simple solutions to complex problems.

Simple solutions save clients enormous amounts of time and money.

This ability to identify simple solutions also applies to the self-help / personal development area. Simple solutions, working at the essence of beingness, can save decades of struggle and vast sums of money.

Jim’s guided meditations on YouTube and his blog have had well over a million views and have brought countless heartfelt testimonials filled with gratitude.

Jim hosts creative writing retreats and meditation retreats.

Table of Contents

  • Work in Progress
  • Simplicities
  • Life in Today’s Economy
    • The Monthly Payment Economy
    • The Struggle
    • What’s the real problem?
    • The Favored Minority
    • The Disadvantaged Many
    • Booms and Busts – the Transfer of Wealth
  • Types of Economic Activities
    • Producing
    • Taking without producing
    • Destroying
    • Special Category – Humanitarian Activities
  • Economic Definitions
  • The Credit System
  • Banks – The Creation of Money
    • The Money Creators
    • Fractional Reserve Banking
    • Central Banks
  • Quantitative Easing
  • The Blueprint for The Age of Abundance
    • How Money Should Be Created
    • Consumer Credit
    • How Much New Money?
    • Legal Tender
  • Zero Sum Games
  • A Stepping Stone to the Age of Abundance
    • Supporting Our Governments
    • Baling Out Banks
  • What Will Happen
  • The Age of Abundance
  • Educational Economic Games
    • General Guidelines
    • Game About the Current Economy
    • Game About the Age of Abundance
    • Computer Simulations
  • Final Notes
    • How You Can Help
  • About the Author

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