Getting Started with Mob Programming
Getting Started with Mob Programming


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Getting Started with Mob Programming

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Last updated on 2018-06-10

About the Book

The outcome of Mob Programming is outstanding software produced by teams. Software that has fewer defects, higher productivity and ultimately a higher return on investment.

Having been a practitioner of Mob Programming since early 2015 I have found the biggest hurdle is getting started. Once a new mob gets past this and gains momentum they rapidly realize the benefits of this practice.

This book is a practical, pragmatic and opinionated guide on how a co-located teams get started with Mob Programming. I present proven techniques that you can apply.

Because Mob Programming is evolutionary, once you gain momentum you will adjust the specifics of the practice to meet your needs; The aim of this book is to get you to that point.

About the Author

Mark Pearl
Mark Pearl

You can always reach Mark at

Mark is a Engineering Lead at MYOB in New Zealand. 

He frequently speaks at conferences and user groups on these topics and others.

Mark has been developing software professionally since 2000.

Table of Contents

    • Tweet this book
    • About the Author
    • Acknowledgements
    • Preface
    • Glossary
  • Part I - Before you start
    • 1 What is Mob Programming?
    • 2 Frame Mob Programming as an experiment
  • Part II - Getting to your first mob session
    • 3 Where to mob first?
    • 4 What should you work on?
    • 5 How big should the mob be?
    • 6 When & how long should the first session be?
    • 7 Preparing the development environment
  • Part III - Your first mob session
    • 8 Outline for the session
    • 9 Explain the roles to the group
    • 10 Determine the order for rotating typists
    • 11 Start the first interval and mob for ten minutes
    • 12 Rotate typists and start the next interval
    • 13 The closing retrospective
    • 14 Forming, storming and conflict
  • Part IV - Gaining momentum
    • 15 Your next few mobbing sessions
    • 16 When only one person knows…
    • 17 When nobody knows…
    • 18 Getting rhythm with core mobbing time
    • 19 A permanent place to mob
    • 20 Getting a mob station
    • 21 Where to from here?

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