Fantastic Elastic
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Fantastic Elastic

Level: Beginner My Journey to Visualise Eurovision winners using Kibana dashboards From no data... to wow Kibana!

About the Book

This book promises a fun, interactive reading experience for data fans, who can follow along just by reading, or trying out some or all of the steps for themselves.

You do not need to be a programmer. This book is suitable for a curious person unafraid of learning something new.

If you are thinking of using Kibana, or about becoming an Elastic Certified Engineer, this could be a fun starting point.

The book is 80% complete as the content and journey is complete. It now needs editing, proof-reading and feedback from you, dear reader!

About the Author

Anita Lipsky
Anita Lipsky

Anita is a Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Test Automation Engineer who works on development teams using Agile and software best practices in Oslo, Norway. She is a speaker, blogger and founder of, and an active participant in both the Testing and Girls Can Do IT communities in Oslo.

Anita has a degree in Information Technology and currently holds three ISTQB qualifications: ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level, ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation Extension and ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer.

Since starting writing her Fantastic Elastic book series, Anita attended the Elasticsearch Engineer I and II classes, and is now an Elastic Certified Engineer.

You can connect with Anita via email or on LinkedIn.

Table of Contents

  • Book Blurb
    • Book cover text
    • Teaser text
    • About the book
    • About the author
    • Not an official Elastic product
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
    • Purpose of this book
    • Who this book is for
    • How to use this book
    • How I will do this project
    • How to give feedback
    • When I first heard of Kibana
    • What Kibana solved for me
    • Summary
    • Australian spelling
    • Coming up…
  • Book Part One: From no data…
    • These are the steps I will be taking in Part One
    • Summary
    • Coming up…
  • Create a data file to analyse
    • Create a data file
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Install Elasticsearch and Kibana on my computer
    • Install Elasticsearch
    • Check Elasticsearch is up and running
    • Install Kibana
    • Start Kibana
    • Check Kibana is up and running
    • Optional: Add Kibana’s sample data
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Import this data file to Kibana
    • Create an Index
    • Create an Index Pattern
    • Note location data should be converted to correct format
    • What about adding more rows to the dataset?
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Book Part Two: …to wow, Kibana!
    • These are the steps I will be taking in Part Two
    • Clean the data
  • Discover
    • Did the data import at all?
    • Is the data searchable by date?
    • Quickly view the data in Discover in a readable way
    • Filtering
    • Save a search
    • Open a saved Search
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Visualize
    • Create a “quick cheat” Vertical Bar chart
    • An overview of the Visualize area and toolkit
    • Create a Vertical Bar chart from scratch
    • Create a Vertical Bar chart from a saved query
    • Create a Tag Cloud
    • Creating a Horizontal Bar chart
    • Creating a Pie chart
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Dashboards
    • Create a dashboard using the saved visualisations
    • Adjusting the dashboard
    • Filtering on the dashboard
    • Editing a visualisation on the dashboard
    • Be delighed and inspired
    • Optional: Export the dashboard
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Book Part Three: Getting fancy
    • TO DO list
    • Summary
  • Dev Tools Console
    • Navigate to Dev Tools
    • What is JSON
    • Try writing and sending a JSON request
    • Try writing and sending a JSON request, without using your computer mouse
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Update spelling of Euphoria
    • The steps to take
    • What is the _bulk API
    • Adding data using the _bulk API
    • Steps to take
    • Create an Index Pattern for this new index
    • Create new visualisations and dashboards with this new index
    • Enhancing the data, not just adding new rows
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Update location data so it will show on a Kibana map
    • Steps to take
    • Create a map visualisation
    • Celebrate!
    • Coming up…
  • Now I want the world to see this
  • Conclusion
    • Resisting side tracking
    • Think about next steps
    • Canvas VS Kibana
    • Elastic Certified Engineer
    • What I learned about Elasticsearch
    • What Elasticsearch and their product suite solves
    • Thank you for reading
  • Credits
  • Appendix - Handy Commands
    • View all indexes, and how many documents, or “rows of data” are in each index
    • Delete an index
    • Make a quick copy of the index

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