Dana Sibilsky's Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging
Dana Sibilsky's Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging
Dana Sibilsky's Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging

Last updated on 2015-12-30

About the Book

Dana Sibilsky suggests that blogging has moved from an pastime to profession for many people. The sheer amount of effort required to create and maintain a profitable blog these days has caused many people to make it a full-time job, but the bar of entry is staggering. Tricks of the trade have transformed this hobby into something akin to marketing; a combination art form and science requiring intense study and insight. Sibilsky boils down blogging into terms that anyone can understand.

About the Author

Dana Sibilsky
Dana Sibilsky

About Dana Sibilsky - A professional blogger who covers art in every imaginable form, Dana Sibilsky hosts several websites and focuses each one on a specific subset of the art world. Ms. Sibilsky’s professional efforts include everything from fine art appreciation to DIY arts and crafts projects, enabling her to offer readers the full range of her artistic expertise. In addition to her work as a professional blogger, Ms. Sibilsky frequently counsels aspiring bloggers on how to make the most out of an online writing career.

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