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Around the World with 80 Software Testers

About the Book

Around the World with 80 Software Testers draws upon the knowledge and experience from both experts and new voices from around the world involved in software testing.

The contributions within this book are ordered alphabetically by country. Neither each chapter nor country is ordered with the intention that there is a natural flow throughout the book. This is a book created both by and for the software testing community.

This book contains reflections and thoughts based on many peoples own personal experiences, some of which you may agree with, and others you may well not. There is no overarching narrative, this book is for you to absorb, link what you read together, evaluating it based upon your own meaning, knowledge and experience.

This book will continue to evolve. When new contributions are received they will be reviewed, added to the book and then a new version of this book will be published. This process will continue until the book contains 80 software testers from all around the world.

You can view all current and upcoming contributors for the book by visiting the books world map

About the Editor

Viv Richards
Viv Richards

Not the cricketer! I am a QA consultant at Rubber Duck Consulting, an international speaker, conference organiser and facilitator. In my spare time I enjoy teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer as well as spending time with my wife, 5 children, chicken and dog.

About the Contributors

Benjamin Butel
Benjamin Butel

Test Coach at Klaxoon

I am passionate about software testing. Multi-certified ISTQB, author in blog "La Taverne du testeur" and test coach at Klaxoon, I like to help my team to progress. More generally, I like to share and learn from others.

Laveena Ramchandani
Laveena Ramchandani

Senior consultant in testing

I am a motivated and very ambitious individual. I enjoy learning on the job and researching on the side, and I can confirm that I learn something new every day/week within testing and it’s been 7 years that I have been testing. I fell into testing, at university all I learnt was black box and white box testing but never knew how its applied in a real work environment. I think I feel quite happy as a tester as it’s a good balance between technical and business requirements.

Mark Winteringham
Mark Winteringham

DojoBoss at Ministry of Testing

Mark Winteringham is a tester, toolsmith and the Ministry of Testing DojoBoss with over 10 years experience providing testing expertise on award-winning projects across a wide range of technology sectors including BBC, Barclays, UK Government and Thomson Reuters. He is an advocate for modern risk-based testing practices and trains teams in Automation in Testing, Behaviour Driven Development and Exploratory testing techniques. He is also the co-founder of Ministry of Testing Essentials a community raising awareness of careers in testing and improving testing education. You can find him on Twitter @2bittester or at /

Alan Page
Alan Page

Director of Programs and Quality for Monetization at Unity

Alan has been improving software quality since 1993 and is currently the Director of Programs and Quality for Monetization at Unity. Previous to Unity, Alan spent 22 years at Microsoft working on projects spanning the company – including a two-year position as Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence.

Alan was the lead author of the book “How We Test Software at Microsoft”, contributed chapters for “Beautiful Testing”, and “Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation”. His latest ebook (which may or may not be updated soon) is a collection of essays on test automation called “The A Word: Under the Covers of Test Automation”, and is available on leanpub .

Emna Ayadi
Emna Ayadi

Test Coach at Primatec Engineering

Emna is a passionate Test Coach who appreciates delivering workshops about

testing at Primatec Academy for new empoyees before joining their teams as tester and Ministry of Testing meetup organizer in Sfax.

She has four years of experience on different projects in different fields. She is very interested in Agile

& Testing Games.

Outside of work, travel and sport are her favorite pastimes. Twitter: @emna__ayadi

Sérgio Freire
Sérgio Freire

Solution Architect, Xray

Sergio Freire is a solution architect and testing advocate, working closely with many teams worldwide from distinct yet highly demanding sectors (Automotive, Health, and Telco among others) to help them achieve great, high-quality, testable products. By understanding how organizations work, their needs, context and background, processes and quality can be improved, while development and testing can "merge" towards a common goal: provide the best product that stakeholders need.

Mesut Durukal
Mesut Durukal

QA & Test Automation Lead, Siemens

Mesut Durukal is QA & Test Automation Leader at Siemens. He has a Bs & MsC degree from Boğaziçi University Electrical & Electronic Engineering. He has a 7 years’ experience in Defense Industry, as leading to Verification & Validation activities in multinational projects. He has then been working on Agile Software Testing for more than 3 years. He is acting as a Product Owner & E2E Test Automation Leader for the QA team.

Jonathon Wright
Jonathon Wright

CTO (Digital-Assured)

Global strategic thought leadership specialising in emerging technologies, innovation & intelligent automation (RPA/AIOps) with over 20 years of international commercial experience within worldwide organisations; including Digital Assured, CA Technologies, Hitachi, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Thomson Reuters, Siemens, Xerox, New Zealand Lotteries Commission, PlanIT (Sydney) and Unisys (iPSL).

Recent focus has been on Cognitive Engineering (AI & Machine Learning) & Digital Engineering (Smart Cities & IoT) presenting at international conferences (TED / Gartner / STARWest / STAREast / EuroSTAR / BCS SIGIST / Unicom (Chair) / HP Discover / CA World / ANZTB), online webinars, workshops and training courses.

Graham Ellis
Graham Ellis

Quality Assurance Lead at AT4 LTD

Testing for around 18 years, from fast jets to government projects. Understands that a viable quality approach is dependent upon context and team make-up.

Mike Lyles
Mike Lyles

International Speaker, Author, and Director of QA & PM

Mike Lyles is a Director of QA and Project Management with over 25 years of IT experience in multiple organizations, including Fortune 50 companies. He has exposure in various IT leadership roles: software development, PMO, and software testing. He has led various teams within testing organizations.


Mike has been successful in career development, team building, coaching, and mentoring of IT & QA professionals. Mike has been an international keynote speaker at multiple conferences and events, and is regularly published in testing publications and magazines. 

His first published motivational book, “The Drive-Thru is Not Always Faster”, was released in 2019. You can learn more about Mike at where you can also find his social media links and connect with him there also.

Federico Toledo
Federico Toledo

COO and co-founder of Abstracta

A software quality engineer with over 15 years of experience in performance, automation and testing, Federico is a co-founder and Director of software testing company Abstracta. He leads the operations of multiple projects with an agile and people-first mindset. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLM in Spain. He’s an international speaker, author and podcaster, always looking for different ways to contribute to the testing community.

Lisa Crispin
Lisa Crispin

Co-Founder at Agile Testing Fellowship, Inc.

Lisa Crispin is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of three books: Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction, More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team, Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams; the LiveLessons “Agile Testing Essentials” video course, and “The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing” 3-day training course offered through the Agile Testing Fellowship. Lisa was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person at Agile Testing Days in 2012.

Lalitkumar Bhamare
Lalitkumar Bhamare

Chief Editor and Co-founder of Tea-time with Testers magazine, Senior Test Engineer at XING SE, Germany

Lalit is currently working with XING SE as Senior Test Engineer in Germany. Lalit is an international keynote speaker, software quality coach specializing in Quality Conscious Software Delivery. He is also the chief editor and co-founder of Tea-time with Testers magazine. He is the co-creator of the State of Testing Report. In his free time, he teaches BBST Foundations class as a Lead Instructor with Association for Software Testing, USA. Know more about Lalit or contact him on his personal website:

Stephan Kamper
Stephan Kamper

Chief Investigation Officer (CIO), Science Evangelist

I test & write software, studied physics & worked in #oceanography. I love the #ocean. Languages (in alphabetical order): English, German, Ruby

Lina Zubyte
Lina Zubyte

Quality Advocate at ThoughtWorks

Lina Zubyte is a Quality Advocate who believes in a whole team approach in building high quality products. She deeply cares about diversity & inclusion topics, empathetic leadership, and ethics of product development. When not working Lina loves to dance, read, and host tea parties.

Fumikazu Fujiwara
Fumikazu Fujiwara

Manager at Rakuten

"Diversified organization" is the key factor for me when choosing a job.

I want to be a person who influences all over the world. This is my career goal from 2004 when I started working. That's why I chose an Internet company which has tens of millions of users, but I gradually felt mono culture organization is not enough to achieve this goal.

In 2010 Rakuten started the official language of English. (English-nization) so I joined Rakuten and it made me dive in diversified culture from mono culture in Japan. In addition, "Made In Japan" means that “Japan QA” is more Quality Controlled.

There are many communities that actively create technology inside and outside the company.From the environmental point of view, so I'm looking forward the best choice to grow myself to reach the career goal. 

Sander Hoogendoorn
Sander Hoogendoorn

Independent software craftsman

Sander is an independent dad, speaker, writer, traveler. He is a freelance consultant, CTO, software architect, programmer and beyond-agile coach. He helps teams to improve their ways of working, their architectures and their code. Currently as chief architect at Quby, and before as CTO of a number of companies. Earlier he acted as Capgemini's global agile thought leader. He’s authored books on agile, modeling, and web tools, and published many articles. Sander is an inspiring (keynote) speaker at international conferences on diverse topics such as changing culture, agile, Scrum, continuous delivery, (no) software estimation, smart use cases, patterns, software architectures, microservices, and web, Java and .NET development.

Anwar El-Wakil
Anwar El-Wakil

Quality Control Engineer - Instabug

Koray Yitmen
Koray Yitmen

President of Turkish Testing Board

Koray Yitmen is the president of Turkish Testing Board, a member of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), the member of ISTQB general assembly, the president of User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) Istanbul chapter, and the board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Istanbul chapter.

In 2000, he started his career as a technology consultant at Accenture (formerly Arthur Andersen). Having worked at Accenture, he has been the business partner of Keytorc Software Testing Services, BA-Works Business Analysis Services, UXservices UX Design Company, Continium Enterprise DevOps Services, and Explori Employee Experience Design Company since 2005. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Middle East Technical University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.


His published books are “Bilgi Teknolojilerinin Başarısı için Yazılım Testi – İş Analizi – Kullanılabilirlik”,  “Business Analysis, Software Testing, Usability : A Quick Guide Book for Better Project Management and Faster IT Career”, and “Yazılım Test Teknikleri”.

Nithin SS
Nithin SS

Senior QA Automation Engineer @ Fave Malaysia

An ISTQB certified professional with 6+ years of expertise in Quality Assurance, Test Management, Automation, and Release Management of web and mobile-based (native & hybrid technologies) applications. Mainly involved in building robust test automation systems from the ground up. I also enjoy sharing experiences through blogging & conducting workshops. 

Zoé Thivet
Zoé Thivet

Test engineer

I'm a French software tester living in New Caledonia. This island is interesting in many ways, and provide many exciting software testing challenges, because we have our own government, our own banking system, postal service, health care and so on. But software testing has not always been fun to me. In this contribution I would like to talk about a question a fresh tester may ask themselves: "Am I where I'm supposed to be?"

Stéphane Colson
Stéphane Colson

Holistic Freelance Software Tester

 I'm a freelance Software Tester living in Lyon (France). I have 14 years’ experience in Software Testing and l also used to be a developer a long time ago. I blog on Lyon Testing and I am one of the organizers of the Ministry of Testing Lyon Meetup. I’m willing to help companies in Lyon (France) or anywhere in the world as a remote with my company Testing IT.

Oleksandr Romanov
Oleksandr Romanov

Lead Software Engineer In Test at Playtika

The main professional activity of Oleksandr is dedicated to making test automation efforts more effective and engineers more productive. He has 8+ years of experience implementing test automation solutions at Sitecore, SoftServe, and Deutsche Bank.

Right now Oleksandr works as Lead Software Engineer In Test at Playtika – helping to make UI, API, and microservice level automation more scalable and reliable. 

Richard Bradshaw
Richard Bradshaw

BossBoss at Ministry of Testing

Richard Bradshaw is an experienced tester, consultant, trainer and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training, speaking, and as the BossBoss of the Ministry of Testing. With over 12 years of testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development.

Sahithi Gundu
Sahithi Gundu

QA Test Lead, DigitalTolk

Holding 5+ years of experience in Software QA Testing. Currently, I'm working as QA Lead for DigitalTolk, Sweden, remotely working

from Japan. I work on Manual Testing, Automation with Cypress Automation Tool, API Testing using postman Newman, Test planning & Execution, Bug Reporting and tracking, Performance Testing using Jmeter.  

I'm an "ISTQB Certified Tester" & "Salesforce Admin Certified".  During my tenure, I implemented a few creative strategies & quality working while testing on a particular product, reducing the risk of faults from the Quality Assurance Team.

Mihaela Sfat
Mihaela Sfat

Head of QA

For the last 10 years I have been working in the software testing industry, and currently I'm working as Head of QA, splitting the responsibilities between tester and manager. You can read my thoughts on and hear me speaking about software testing basics at Informal School of IT in Cluj Napoca (

Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Feedback Fairy.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a collaborative software specialist with emphasis on testing. She works full time as a testing specialist in a product company and helps other organizations on the side as a testing coach / trainer. You might find her sharing her lessons in various conferences around the world or in her blog: 

Lavanya Mohan
Lavanya Mohan

Quality Engineer at Grab

Lavanya is a passionate software engineer with experience in software testing and software development. She cares deeply about shipping quality products. She looks forward to working with teams that encourage learning and value a culture of feedback.

She occasionally writes non-technical articles on her blog:

Trisha Chetani
Trisha Chetani

Software QA Engineer

My name is Trisha Chetani , I am an Automation Enthusiast . I like to spend my time learning new technologies

Viv Richards
Viv Richards

QA Consultant

Not the cricketer! Viv is a QA consultant currently at Rubber Duck Consulting Ltd, an international speaker, conference organiser and facilitator. In his spare time he enjoys teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer as well as spending time with his wife, 5 children, chicken and dog.

Dorothy Graham
Dorothy Graham

Software testing consultant

Dorothy Graham has been in software testing for over 40 years, and is co-author of 5 books: Software Inspection, Software Test Automation, Foundations of Software Testing, Experiences of Test Automation and A Journey Through Test Automation Patterns (linking to the wiki

Dot has been on the boards of conferences and publications in software testing, including programme chair for EuroStar (twice). She was a founder member of the ISEB Software Testing Board and helped develop the first ISTQB Foundation Syllabus. She is a popular and entertaining speaker at conferences and events worldwide.

She was awarded the European Excellence Award in Software Testing in 1999 and the first ISTQB Excellence Award in 2012.

Ali Khalid
Ali Khalid

Test Architect @ Emirates Airlines

Ali is an International award-winning speaker and contributor to various mainstream tech communities. From past few years has been heavily involved in IT transformation projects at Emirates airlines and bringing to life the quality strategic vision.


Since 2013 has been researching and working on his vision of Redefining Software Quality, inviting teams to think of quality improvements not in incremental steps but transformational ways of working.

Nadia Cavalleri
Nadia Cavalleri

Founder of Argentesting

Nadia is an information systems engineer and psychologist.She has been working in testing and quality since 2006 She is also founder of Argentesting, the Argentinian testing congress. Nadia works as Quality Lead in a systems company but also works as testers freelance for projects around the world. She obtained Rational Functional Tester certification and was the south American Judge at the Software Testing World Cup. She is member of the review committee of the Performance Testing United certification. She often writes for magazines and gives talks in international conferences. She teaches at universities, and companies. Nadia has a YouTube channel and a blog. 

Ali Hill
Ali Hill

QA and Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECS Digital

Ali has been involved with testing software for six years now. Beginning his career as a Games Tester, Ali has more recently moved into a role at a digital transformation consultancy. His main focus is on how teams can use Agile and DevOps methodologies to accelerate their high-quality software releases. Ali has always been interested in how people and interactions can lead to high-performing teams and believes that people are the most important factor in any successful software project. 

Lena Pejgan Wiberg
Lena Pejgan Wiberg


I am a developer who found testing and stayed.

I love facilitating workshops, mentoring and speaking at conferences on topics related to quality and software in general.

I believe in striving for continuous improvement by always challenging ourselves, our assumptions and the way things are done.

Alan Richardson
Alan Richardson

Compendium Developments

Based just outside London, in St Albans, UK, Alan Richardson consults on Agile Software Development and Testing, including Test Automation and Technical Exploratory Testing.

Alan is a world-wide recognised expert in Software Testing and Development, having helped tens of thousands of Software Professionals improve their skills and approach.

When you need help with your Software Development, Selenium WebDriver Automation, Agile Testing, and Test Strategy; or even if you aren't sure what you need, but you just know you need an experienced Software Professional, then use the contact form below.

Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo Dimitrov

Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

I’m passionate about improving quality and shipping high-reliability products. I have in-depth understanding of software testing processes and techniques. I like to stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies. I really enjoy picking software apart and seeing where I can find flaws.

Mirjana Kolarov
Mirjana Kolarov

Test architect

Mirjana is co-founder of the first testing community in Serbia, called Test’RS Club. After gaining diverse experience in testing she concluded that she needs to give it back to the community, so she started one as a platform for sharing knowledge.

During the day she is a Test Architect and Department Manager at Levi Nine. But above all, she is a passionate and highly motivated software tester who loves getting her hands dirty with actual testing and leads by example, promoting appropriate testing skills and techniques for 11 years, and counting.

Mike Talks
Mike Talks

Tester and IT anthropologist

Wellington based tester and IT anthropologist. Shamelessly liberal. Author of How To Test ...

Stephen Mounsey
Stephen Mounsey

Lead Agile Delivery Manager - BPDTS

Stephen is an agile coach and tester, specialising in performance testing for a number of years. Stephen is a community advocate, running multiple meetups and conferences. Stephen loves to sketch and draw but most of all loves to learn. 

Lisi Hocke
Lisi Hocke

Principal Agile Tester at FlixMobility Tech GmbH

Having graduated in sinology, Lisi fell into agile and testing in 2009 and has been infected with the agile bug ever since. She’s especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the continuous learning mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates her and keeps her going. She received a lot from the community; now she’s giving back by sharing her stories and experience. She tweets as @lisihocke and blogs at In her free time you can either find her in the gym running after a volleyball, having a good time with her friends or delving into games and stories of any kind.

Niranjani Manoharan
Niranjani Manoharan

Lead Software Engineer in Test, Company: Lyft

Niranjani is an enthusiastic engineer, passionate about writing code to break applications, for a living. In her spare time, she builds interesting applications as she enjoys coding to solve day-to-day problems. She strives to strike a balance between being a workaholic and a wanna-be-traveler, who is open-minded but still likes to believe unicorns are real!

Noemi Ferrera
Noemi Ferrera

Solutions architect / senior SDET

Noemi Ferrera is a computer scientist passionate about new technologies and testing. She strives for quality, automation and tooling creation to ease the entire development process. Noemi has worked in multinational companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Dell in Ireland and Netease games in China.

Janet Gregory
Janet Gregory


Janet Gregory is a Calgary-based consultant, specializing building quality systems. Her passion is promoting agile quality processes in software development.

She is co-author with Lisa Crispin of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley, 2009).

Janet has helped introduce agile practices into companies as tester or coach, and has successfully transitioned traditional test teams into the agile world. Her focus is working the business users and testers to understand their role in agile projects. She practices Lean principles, Extreme Programming, and SCRUM. Her experience as a QA Manager both in a traditional and in agile environments gives her an understanding of the issues faced by most teams. She has introduced lasting change into organizations.

Janet contributes articles to publications such as Better Software, Software Test & Performance Magazine and Agile Journal, and enjoys sharing her experiences at conferences and user group meetings around the world. Janet was named one of the 13 Women of Influence in testing by Software Test & Performance magazine – January 2010 issue.

Janet has a degree in Computing Science from the University of Alberta, an Information Management Certificate from the University of Calgary, Scrum Master Certification, and took her Quality Management Certification from the ASQ (American Society for Quality).

João Proença
João Proença

Quality Owner

João Proença comes from Lisbon, Portugal, and is Quality Owner in R&D for OutSystems, a company that provides one of the leading low-code development platforms in the world. He has had various roles throughout his career in the past 12 years, including quality assurance, development, customer support and marketing. Finding innovative solutions for difficult problems is what drives him the most, so he is always eager to talk about how professionals are overcoming testing challenges around the world. Outside of IT, João is passionate about songwriting, movies and football. You’ll see him tweet about all of these topics using the @jrosaproenca handle.

Toyer Mamoojee
Toyer Mamoojee

Head of QA/Chapter Lead at Mashreq Bank

Toyer Mamoojee is a ‘die-hard’ passionate Head of QA and Agile Testing enthusiast with almost 17 years testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. In recent years he has focused on applying his testing experience to lead teams in solving testing problems across large companies in his home country of South Africa and now in the United Arab Emirates.

Plakogiannis Petros
Plakogiannis Petros

Software Test Engineer

Petros has graduated the University of Piraeus and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He has been working professionally as a software tester for 11 years, with a strong focus on automated testing using various tools like QTP and Selenium. He also has significant experience in white box testing, application testing (desktop, web and mobile), and security testing. Petros is also the main organizer of the Ministry of Testing Athens meetups.

Maria Kispal
Maria Kispal

Quality Engineer

Mariia Hutsuk
Mariia Hutsuk

QA Team Lead, Zattoo

Mariia is a passionate QA team leader, specialising in functional and line management with 8+ years in the IT field.

In recent years Mariia has focused on test management and leading the team. She is experienced with building QA teams, test processes and starting test automation from scratch. 

Mariia is well-versed in full stack testing on numerous platforms (Web, mobile, desktop, Chrome cast, big screen applications) and defining effective test strategies on projects with complex business logic in the numerous software sectors (telecommunication, online shopping, risk management, online travel booking, Tax Service).

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Argentina
    • Big shots are also humans
  • Bulgaria
    • Keys to effectiveness as a software tester
  • Canada
    • Know your simple tools
  • Egypt
    • The power of trust and questions in testing
  • England, UK
    • Take responsibility for our testing
    • What I have learned (the hard way) in testing and in life
    • The day I fell in love with testing
    • The Power of Tools
    • My Three Focuses
  • Finland
    • Fighting Against Automation Isn’t Doing Anyone a Favor
  • France
    • Testing is about sharing
    • Can Software Testing be a calling?
  • Germany
    • Be the change you want to see
    • Optimize for learning
    • Trust in you, your team and QA community
    • Being lucky
  • Gran Canaria, Spain
    • Top testing tips
  • Greece
    • Be an Asker and Explorer. Be a Tester.
  • Hungary
    • Grow by helping others grow - like a badass.
  • India
    • From a newborn to a grown-up in QA world
  • Japan
    • Reaching “Zero Customer Dissatisfaction”
    • It all began with “Space”
  • Lithuania
    • Power in authenticity: Being yourself is your superpower
  • Netherlands
    • A glimmer of hope
  • New Caledonia
    • Am I where I’m supposed to be?
  • New Zealand
    • New Zealand: Rise of the Shift Right
    • Learn through teaching
  • Portugal
    • What I learned as a tester from… everything else!
    • Testing: the continuous search for improvement
  • Romania
    • Letter to my fellow tester
  • Scotland, UK
    • Don’t limit yourself - focus on growth
  • Serbia
    • #10yearschallenge - what I wish I knew before
  • Singapore
    • Quality is a Team Responsibility
  • South Africa
    • Pushing your own boundaries!
  • Spain
    • Keeping your passion through new technologies
    • My software testing journey and involvement with the testing community
  • Sweden
    • Journey from dev to tester
  • Tunisia
    • Starting your journey as a tester
  • Turkey
    • A drawing compass, a multi-sport athlete, and a multi-skilled tester
    • A Collection of Soft Skills for a Tester
  • Ukraine
    • Making test automation better
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Technological Excellence
  • United States of America
    • Always Put Yourself On The Steepest Learning Curve
    • Improving & learning in small steps
    • The Forensics of Testing
    • Expanding horizons
  • Uruguay
    • Key Lessons on How to Love and Lead Testers
  • Wales, UK
    • The art of critical thinking
    • You can do it!
  • Notes

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