Abandonment Party
Abandonment Party
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Abandonment Party

Last updated on 2012-11-29

About the Book

Two worlds share the same orbit around a single sun. Jesice is a country upon the first planet: An island marked by a massive, sheer cliff. This nation was able to reach the other world, and found that all inhabitants there had been slain. Structures and technology were discovered–magic-powered devices that remained intact.

With pressure from the eager citizenry back home, a small city, Hardpan, is constructed as a first settlement. Thousands of people are given the chance to live upon and explore the vast, empty planet.

It is then that a virus infects most of the settlers. It causes sickness that is fed by the magical energy that permeates the atmosphere; therefore, the only known cure is evacuation from the planet. This leaves Hardpan vacant, and a scant few survivors on their own as the government retreats back to Jesice.

This is where the story begins; where those abandoned will seek their fortunes. And where one who survived the destruction will seize a missed opportunity.

About the Author

Brad Smith
Brad Smith

After years of complaining about books on the fabulous "Mark Reads" blog, I decided that I needed to change my attitude. Why should I whine about people that didn't write the way that I wanted? Why not just write books myself? So that is what I have done.

My book takes place in fantasy worlds of my own creation, with the story told through individuals and their actions. You see, I'm always bothered by long narratives and exposition; I believe the plot should be expressed through the characters as much as possible.

And I don't like gratuitous use of adverbs either. So, you know, none of that.

Table of Contents

  • Abandonment Party
  • 1 - Reckless Throw on the Nine-Mile Road
  • 2 - Concrete Authority
  • 3 - Those That Flee Judgment
  • 4 - The Cursed Land
  • 5 - Parlay
  • 6 - Hilo Water Plaza
  • 7 - Reunion of Lovers
  • 8 - Ego
  • 9 - The Vertical City: Cliff-Side Saint Tra
  • 10 - Dive
  • 11 - The Tower That Spans the World
  • 12 - Emerge With a Smile
  • 13 - Confrontation in Pinada Wing
  • 14 - How Do I Get In
  • 15 - Turbulent Prison
  • 16 - The Monster Reborn
  • 17 - Error
  • 18 - Paths Met Again
  • 19 - Disillusion
  • 20 - Clash of Automatons
  • 21 - Hall
  • 22 - Two Lives to Play
  • 23 - Mile-High Cage Match
  • 24 - Accessory
  • 25 - Intrusion
  • 26 - Rekindled Soul
  • The Surface is Glass

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