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AI Translation for Everyone

Leanpub makes AI translation accessible to everyone! All you need is a completed book manuscript, written in either Microsoft Word or Markdown.

For books written in Microsoft Word, we now have full-serve and self-serve options.

The full-serve option is our new TranslateWord service. This is a concierge service, where you upload your manuscript in one or more Word documents, and Leanpub does all the work for you! We import your manuscript into Leanpub, preview it to ensure it looks good as an ebook, and then use our AI translation services to translate it into the languages you choose. You own the translations, and you have all the control. You can sell your translations wherever you want, like on Leanpub and Amazon. Learn more about TranslateWord here.

The self-serve option is to create a new book in Browser mode, and then import your Word document into Leanpub. Leanpub books are written in Markdown, so after you import your Word document, you'll need to do some cleanup and editing, and preview your book to ensure it looks nice. But once you've done that, you can use our fully-automated AI translation services for Markdown books, which are cheaper than our TranslateWord service.

To translate your Markdown book into one language, you choose our TranslateAI service. TranslateAI uses GPT-4o (the best AI model in ChatGPT) and our custom prompt engineering to provide high-quality translations from English into up to 31 languages, or from one of those 31 languages into English. We also have an amazing GlobalAuthor bundle, which translates your book from English into either 8 languages or 31 languages!

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Leonidas Tam

Leo Tam, Author of Truth Engine: Applying AI to Investing

Leanpub: Publish Early, Publish Often

Imagine a world where authors can earn money writing books...

You can use Leanpub to write, publish and sell an ebook or online course.

We pay 80% royalties. That's not a typo: you earn $16 on a $20 sale. If we sell 5000 non-refunded copies of your book for $20, you'll earn $80,000.

Authors have earned$13,681,315writing, publishing and selling on Leanpub.

You can either write your book in Markdown or you can upload PDF or EPUB files to sell in our store.

If you are writing in Markdown, you can use our simple in-browser text editor, or you can write on your computer and sync with GitHub or Dropbox. Either way, you can publish your Leanpub ebook with one click. You can publish your book while you're writing it, or wait until it is done: it's up to you.

You can create a Leanpub course in Markdown as well. Leanpub courses are like Leanpub books, but with quizzes and exercises that learners complete on the Leanpub website to earn a certificate of completion. To learn more about how to create a Leanpub course, you can watch this video on YouTube which shows the entire process from signup to publish!

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Leanpub: Publish Early, Publish Often

On Leanpub, you can publish your book while you write it, and earn 80% royalties.

We call this Lean Publishing, and it's why Leanpub exists. Lean Publishing is the act of publishing an in-progress book using lightweight tools and many iterations to get reader feedback, pivot until you have the right book and build traction once you do. You can learn more about Lean Publishing in The Lean Publishing Manifesto, or watch the Tools of Change conference talk about it. There's even a book about these ideas, which still guide us today.

Leanpub is a magical typewriter for authors: just write in plain text, and to preview or publish your ebook, just click a button. On Leanpub, you can write in Markdown and generate your ebook with one click. (Markdown is really easy: everything you need to know is in the template we set up for you when you create a new book.)

Now, if you have completed a book already or if you have a writing workflow you prefer, you can also just upload your own PDF or EPUB files and click a button to publish them.

Whether you're writing in Markdown or uploading PDF and EPUB files, Leanpub is the best place to write, publish and sell in-progress and completed ebooks, with coupons, variable pricing, bundles and more. Besides how easy we make everything and the excellent support we provide, the other reason authors love Leanpub is our 80% royalty rate.

We pay 80% royalties. That's not a typo: you earn $16 on a $20 sale. If we sell 5000 copies of your book for $20, you'll earn $80,000. Yes, some authors have already earned much more than that on Leanpub. In fact, authors have earned over $13 million USD writing, publishing and selling on Leanpub.

Finally, Leanpub also supports publishing online courses, using the same Lean Publishing approach and Markdown-based workflow that we use for ebooks, and paying the same 80% royalties! To learn more, just create a course: the new course will contain a template which shows you how to get started.

Publish Your Book Written in Word

If you've already written a book in Microsoft Word, you can use our PublishWord service. PublishWord is a service for authors who want their book to be published on Leanpub and Amazon, with Leanpub doing all the work. You don't need to learn anything about writing in Markdown. You just fill out a form, upload your Word document(s), and click a button. Leanpub takes care of everything else.

Reader Memberships

Leanpub reader memberships support Leanpub authors and Leanpub!

Leanpub is a platform where authors self-publish ebooks and online courses. We're a bootstrapped startup, and we launched in 2010.

Leanpub Reader Memberships are a great deal. They give you you free access to about 2000 books on Leanpub that are only free with membership. This includes hundreds of books about computer programming, data science, software architecture and more!

Besides being a great deal, Reader Memberships support Leanpub authors! Specifically, 50% of the money from Reader Memberships is paid as royalties to Leanpub authors.

The Leanpub 60 Day 100% Happiness Guarantee

Within 60 days of purchase you can get a 100% refund on any Leanpub purchase, in two clicks.

Now, this is technically risky for us, since you'll have the book or course files either way. But we're so confident in our products and services, and in our authors and readers, that we're happy to offer a full money back guarantee for everything we sell.

You can only find out how good something is by trying it, and because of our 100% money back guarantee there's literally no risk to do so!

So, there's no reason not to click the Add to Cart button, is there?

See full terms...

80% Royalties. Earn $16 on a $20 book.

We pay 80% royalties. That's not a typo: you earn $16 on a $20 sale. If we sell 5000 non-refunded copies of your book or course for $20, you'll earn $80,000.

(Yes, some authors have already earned much more than that on Leanpub.)

In fact, authors have earnedover $13 millionwriting, publishing and selling on Leanpub.

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Free Updates. DRM Free.

If you buy a Leanpub book, you get free updates for as long as the author updates the book! Many authors use Leanpub to publish their books in-progress, while they are writing them. All readers get free updates, regardless of when they bought the book or how much they paid (including free).

Most Leanpub books are available in PDF (for computers) and EPUB (for phones, tablets and Kindle). The formats that a book includes are shown at the top right corner of this page.

Finally, Leanpub books don't have any DRM copy-protection nonsense, so you can easily read them on any supported device.

Learn more about Leanpub's ebook formats and where to read them

Write and Publish on Leanpub

You can use Leanpub to easily write, publish and sell in-progress and completed ebooks and online courses!

Leanpub is a powerful platform for serious authors, combining a simple, elegant writing and publishing workflow with a store focused on selling in-progress ebooks.

Leanpub is a magical typewriter for authors: just write in plain text, and to publish your ebook, just click a button. (Or, if you are producing your ebook your own way, you can even upload your own PDF and/or EPUB files and then publish with one click!) It really is that easy.

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